medical lab result, lab test result, lab result
medical lab result, lab test result, lab result

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medical lab result, lab test result, lab result
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“I have been using Patient Results Network for the last 12 years. My patients love being able to access their lab results and hear my follow up advice 24 hours a day without interrupting my staff. It provides more time for patient care, while reducing phone calls. I can file my charts as soon as I record messages, because I am not playing phone tag with my patients.”

medical lab result, lab test result, lab result

H. Gordon Davis, III, M.D.
Hoffman Estates, IL

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medical lab result, lab test result, lab result

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Automated Medical Lab Results… 24/7 Access for Patients and Physicians

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medical lab result, lab test result, lab result

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medical lab result, lab test result, lab result

State-Of-The-Art Automated Medical Lab Test Results and Patient Appointment Reminders

  1. Is your staff bogged down each day by the cumbersome task of calling patients with laboratory results and appointment reminders?
  2. Do you wish you could free up more of your time for patient care without compromising the efficiency, quality or profitability of your practice?
  3. Have you ever stopped to consider the potential cost savings of automating medical lab result and appointment reminder operations?

As a dedicated physician, you want to provide top-notch, personalized patient care. What you don’t need is the hassle of managing lab result and appointment reminder phone calls. At Patient Results Network (PRN), we’ve pioneered solutions that help busy practices recapture valuable lost time, enhance patient satisfaction and boost revenues. PRN’s state-of-the-art, 100% automated medical lab result and patient appointment reminder messaging solutions deliver clear, accurate and confidential medical lab test results, referral authorizations and appointment reminders at the touch of a button, enabling medical practices to deliver high-quality, consistent care more efficiently – and economically.

Patient Results Network – Latest-Generation Medical Lab Result and Appointment Reminder Solutions

How Can PRN Solutions Benefit Your Practice?

  1. Secure, Patient-Friendly Solution: Completely confidential medical lab results, are delivered in a familiar doctor, nurse or assistant’s voice – or as an e-mail on our secure Web site.
  2. Consistency and Reliability: PRN enhances physician-patient communication by removing variables and uncertainties about lab results and appointment scheduling.
  3. Increased Patient Satisfaction, Decreased Frustration and Greater Efficiency: PRN solutions free up valuable time for better delivery of care. PRN enhances your reputation for excellent care and service to your patients, while time and cost savings are substantial.
  4. Quick Integration / Intuitive Operation: Our easy-to-use solutions are operated and maintained by PRN – no additional hardware, software or equipment is required.
  5. Multilingual Functionality: Lab result and appointment reminder solutions provide English and Spanish voice prompts.
  6. Unparalleled Convenience: PRN solutions are available nationwide at any time from any phone or the Internet, and technical support is a phone call away.
  7. No Risk, No Obligation: There’s no contract term required for PRN’s medical lab results or appointment reminder solutions.

Patients face enough needles – don’t make them wait on pins and needles for medical lab results and appointment reminders. In positive doctor-patient relationships, effective communication is automatic. With PRN – it’s also automated. Discover how PRN can help you boost the productivity of your staff, enhance the reputation of your practice, and provide you with more time for meaningful doctor-patient communication.

medical lab result, lab test result, lab result
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