doctor patient communication, physician patient communication

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doctor patient communication, physician patient communication
doctor patient communication, physician patient communication doctor patient communication, physician patient communication
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doctor patient communication, physician patient communication
doctor patient communication, physician patient communication

"I am a Gastroenterologist in private practice.  My practice is quite busy and I perform a large number of endoscopic procedures.  On a weekly basis I have 25 biopsy results to report to patients as well as a large number of lab and X-Ray results.  Patient Results Network has been invaluable in facilitating this communication.  Patients are universally satisfied with this method of reporting results and it saves me 1 to 2 hours per week in phone calls.  I was initially worried that patients would feel a recorded message as being too impersonal.  However when I explain the reporting process upfront, they understand that this is much more efficient than playing “phone tag” to get results.  I recommend Patient Results Network to any physician interested in improving efficiency and patient satisfaction."

doctor patient communication, physician patient communication

Stephen Levinson, M.D.
Digestive Health Consultants
Burbank, CA

Patient Results Network (PRN) –
A Simple and Cost-Effective Strategy for
Enhanced Doctor-Patient Communication

What’s the Secret to Better Physician-Patient Communication?

Laboratory test results create stress on both ends of the telephone line – anxious patients wait for results, while doctors and staff scramble to find time to place calls.  PRN’s automated lab test results solution offers a better alternative to this doctor-patient communication challenge.

PRN’s automated patient result messaging solution delivers clear, accurate and confidential lab test and screening results, referral authorizations, follow-up instructions and personal messages in a fraction of the time it takes to contact patients manually.

PRN’s HIPAA-compliant medical lab test result solution is as easy to use as voicemail – doctors and members of their staff simply utilize a telephone or a microphone over the Internet to record lab results for multiple patients. Messages can be recorded with specific details for patients, or they can be pre-recorded as standard ‘library’ messages for multiple patients (e.g.: “This is Dr. Jones calling…all of your recent medical lab results were normal, and there is no need for any follow-up.”)

Library messages can be assigned to patients by simply touching digits on the telephone or over the Internet, and they always remain in the familiar voice of the physician or staff member who recorded them. Personalized greetings can also be added to library messages.

Additionally, PRN’s lab results solution offers you the option of creating e-mail messages. Through our secure Web site, doctors and staff members may compose personalized messages, send library messages or utilize a template in which specific test result values (e.g., cholesterol counts) can be inserted as well as attach lab reports. Referrals are another patient-centric feature of PRN’s lab results solution. With it, patients log on to our secure Web site for the date and time of their appointment and other pertinent information. This eliminates inconvenient, time-intensive phone calls to and from the practice.

PRN Medical Lab Result Benefits:

Greater Patient Satisfaction and Loyalty
PRN’s medical lab result solution enhances doctor-patient communications and builds long-term patient loyalty by providing fast, accurate and confidential information whenever patients need it.  Because most message retrieval occurs after normal business hours, PRN is always “on call”.

Intuitive, Patient-Friendly Design and Functionality
PRN’s comprehensive medical lab results solution provides reporting for all types of blood and lab work. Once results are recorded by physicians and staff, they are immediately available to patients 24/7.

The procedure is simple: Patients are given a card during their office visit with instructions to call PRN or visit PRN’s Web site on a certain date. PRN also offers you the option of calling or texting patients to let them know when lab results are available. Patients then dial a toll-free number, enter their physician and patient ID numbers, and listen to a message recorded by the physician or staff member.  Messages can also be listened to over the Internet. E-mail-generated messages are viewed by patients on our secure Web site. Spanish prompts are also available. Physician-patient communication is that easy with PRN.

Saves Time and Boosts Practice Efficiency
The average lab test result generates multiple calls to and from a medical practice. Yet it only takes one call to PRN to leave medical test results, referral authorizations and messages for all of your patients. Physicians or members of their staff can record seven lab test results in about five minutes, and assign a library message on the telephone in 30 seconds – or as quickly as 10 seconds over the Internet.

The savings quickly add up. Some practices estimate the time value of handling a non-treatment essential call at $12. Add in the minutes spent on conversations unrelated to medical test results, multiply that by the dozens of calls your office deals with each day, and you’ll soon realize the value that PRN offers by putting professional time to more productive use. In fact, PRN’s medical lab results solution can free up about six hours of office time per physician each month – yet another reason why PRN’s lab result solution enhances doctor-patient communication.

No Extra Equipment, Software, Training or Telephone Lines
A touch-tone telephone or Internet access is all you and patients need to access PRN’s medical lab results solution.  We manage the entire network for you -- it takes mere minutes for you and your staff to learn. Our low monthly fee is offset by the significant time savings you’ll realize, and the improved physician-patient communications you and your patients will enjoy. 

Detailed Reports Provided by PRN
PRN’s extensive reporting functionality can provide a variety of data tailored to the needs of your practice.  (click to view sample report)

Who Uses PRN’s Medical Lab Results Solutions?

Our nationwide client base is growing daily and includes a variety of specialties – from sole practitioners and multi-specialty groups to clinics, college health centers and hospital departments – all sharing a common goal of communicating more efficiently with their patient population.