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“I have used the PRN system successfully for over 10 years. My patients enjoy calling in at their convenience and find it simple to use. My nurse does not have to struggle to reach patients during the work day. It enables her to use her time more efficiently.”

Nicole Lockwood, M.D.,
American Health Network
Kokomo, IN



Can PRN’s automated laboratory test results reporting solution be used without PRN’s appointment reminder service?

Absolutely – you can set up one service or the other exclusively. Or, you can set up both services to run seamlessly.

How is pricing determined?

Pricing for PRN’s lab test results solution is normally based upon the number of providers and message volume. For more detailed information, please call us at 800-613-9050 ext. 24 or click here.

How can doctors and their staffs record lab result messages with PRN?

There are several ways to record messages: From any telephone; through a microphone attached to a PC over the Internet; and as e-mail messages on our secure Web site.

How do patients know when to retrieve their messages?

Patients are given an instruction card at the time of their test with a call-in date and other pertinent access information. Please click here for a sample of this card.

What steps do patients take to retrieve their messages?

Patients may access their messages from any telephone; from a PC with speakers over the Internet; or as an e-mail on our secure Web site, so as long as that message was created as an e-mail..

Can patients be called or texted once their message is available?

Yes, PRN’s provides an option to call or text patients and alert them that their messages are ready for retrieval.

How is a patient’s ID number assigned?

At the discretion of the practice, it can be any 4 – 10 digit number, such as the last 4 or 6 digits of the patient’s social security number, their date of birth, or any practice identifier such as account, chart or medical record number.

Once messages are recorded, when can patients retrieve them?

Messages are available for patient retrieval immediately after they are recorded.

Once messages are recorded, how long will they remain available to patients?

Patient messages remain active on PRN’s network for approximately three weeks. After that, they are archived in our secure system.

Are detailed reports available?

Yes, PRN provides doctors and their staffs with a variety of reports on our secure Web site. Additionally, we can e-mail or fax them.  Click here for a sample report.

Are foreign languages available with PRN’s lab results reporting system?

Yes, PRN’s system can provide Spanish instructional prompts when needed. Messages can also be recorded in any language. Additionally, instruction cards can be printed in any language.

Does PRN’s medical lab reporting solution require any special equipment?

No special equipment is needed for doctors or their patients. A telephone or PC with Internet access is all that is required to record messages, and for your patients to access the PRN system.

Are pre-recorded messages available with PRN’s automated lab test results solution?

Yes, a doctor can record common messages, and a member of the practice can assign those messages to patients by pressing digits on the telephone, or with a few mouse clicks on a PC.

What does a PRN lab results message sound like?

Please click here for a demonstration message.

Is PRN’s automated lab results solution HIPAA compliant?

Yes, the solution is 100 percent HIPAA compliant. Please click here for more detailed information.